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Eagle Creek: All Geared Up To Be the Ultimate Travel Companion

Adrenaline junkies need not go further to satisfy their thirst for adventure. The Philippines, in all its 7,107 island glory, is teeming with activities for the most passionate adventure and thrill-seeker alive. And because adventure meshes well with grueling weather, tough terrains, unforeseen difficulties and challenging environment; your travel equipment should be able to withstand all of these and more.

This is why Eagle Creek, the leading brand of adventure travel gear, luggage, and other travel accessories offer the best packing solutions for the active and adventurous souls.

Eagle Creek was founded in 1975.  The California-based Eagle Creek, Inc. premiered in the adventure travel category and introduced the industry’s first convertible backpack on wheels.  Through the years, Eagle Creek has revolutionized the way travelers pack with its Pack-it® gear organizers, folders, cubes, sacs and toiletry kit organizing systems.

May it be a spur-of-the-moment nature getaway or a camping trip to the verdant rolling hills of the countryside, Eagle Creek’s surprisingly lightweight packs will be your dependable ally. Every adventurer has an insatiable taste for more and if you feel like riding a wave or two, Eagle Creek Pack-it- Cubes is every surfer’s dream travel companion, your prized surfing gear are assured protected and dry.

Eagle Creek stands firmly behind the lifetime guarantee it provides with every product. Its dependability will go unquestioned may it be the toughest trail or the longest journey that one embarks.

Eagle Creek is exclusively distributed by Primer Group of Companies and is available at The Travel Club, R.O.X. and Bratpack outlets.

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