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Homeschools Rock

It seems like it is always the same picture during school opening —students cramming to get to school; children crying because of separation anxiety and classrooms filled to the brim.

But for a certain breed of schoolers, these pictures do not come close.  This school year, more students are taking the less conventional path to learning with home schooling.  And, yes, they are not the typical schoolers.

Beyond Classrooms

“For homeschoolers, the world is our classroom so literally anything is possible!” shares homeschool parent, homeschooling advocate and The Masters Academy (TMA) Homeschool President Edric Mendoza.

“I remember asking my children last year, ‘Do you want Mommy and Daddy to send you to a conventional school?’ To which they immediately responded, “No!” I then had a quick flashback of all the experiences we have shared as a family so far –fun vacations we had, outreach activities we have done for our church, violin performances and taekwondo competitions.” Edric adds.


TMA Homeschool is a non-stock, non-profit homeschooling program set up by homeschooling pioneers Peter and Deonna Tan-chi together with businessman Larry Almeda.  It is the pilot Home Education Program (HEP) of the Department of Education.

Why home school rocks

When homeschoolers say the world is their classroom, they take it literally.

Families who love nature find more time doing activities like hiking, which traverses subjects like physical education, science, history and social studies. Even regular trips to the mall, church or restaurants become learning activities for these students.

TMA Homeschool assists parents through various means, primarily through academic training and assistance (Learn Program), community development (Connect Program), and events like field trips, community outreaches, family days, and various other pocket activities (Shine Program).

Recently, they organized “BizKids: Homeschoolers do Business,” a one-day bazaar, which had kids learning math and english the fun and experiential way.

Technology as an Ally

With all the fun activities home schooling parents can plan for their kids, it is great that they have a partner to keep them on track with their curriculum.

TMA Homeschool recently teamed up with Digilearn Multimedia, an affiliate of Diwa Learning Systems Inc, which distributes e-learning products. Primary of these is Genyo, the country’s first and only web-based learning management system for basic education that contains curriculum-based learning objects, lesson plans, tutorials, activities, and exercises for Science, Math, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan.

“Just as in many other technological innovations, the e-learning feature helps add convenience to the homeschool lifestyle. They can, for example, access the learning materials anywhere there is an internet connection—at lolo and lola’s house, in a resort or other vacation venue– without having to lug along all the physical textbooks.” says Edric.

He adds, “It also allows a parent to sort their homeschooling goals, plans, and grades in a central repository, which can also be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.”

Learn more

For more information about homeschooling, visit TMA Homeschool at the 2nd Floor of Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.  More information is also available at

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