About RubyComm-K.Austria

RubyComm-K.Austria is a public relations management company that provides full communications services to clients requiring utmost professional handling of their specific needs.

It is noted for strategic insights, innovative strategies and intimate knowledge of the workings of the mass media. It focuses on delivering desired results to clients through a full range of consulting and communications services. Leading companies, organizations and industry associations are in its roster of clients which benefit from its PR practice that has covered a span of more than a decade with its component partners and associates.

What we do

Publicity Consultancy.  RubyComm-K.Austria provides clients with strategic directions, backed by its years of observing, studying and participating in mass media processes. It harnesses technology-based and traditional forms of media in developing for clients an array of programs that point to meaningful results.

The demand for communication at an unprecedented speed, directness and accuracy is more pronounced in this era of instant news, information overload, media fragmentation and increasing fragility of reputation. Brands, companies, governments and organizations face a new set of challenges and the need for powerful, compelling communications has never been greater.
From product launches, to celebration of clients’ milestones, to creative long-running campaigns that form and sustain public affinity with clients, RubyComm-K.Austria works to achieve clients’ goals in obtaining positive public mindsets.

New Media Relations.  The need to reach out to hosts of these new media emerges with the need of clients to be heard, seen and experienced in these new venues for information dissemination and attitudes-building. RubyComm-K.Austria enables clients to be given attention in popular and niche websites and blogs through mutually beneficial relations.

Events Management and Publicity. Events are coming of age as a way of getting people together to pursue programs and create a backdrop for which news and developments take place for promotions purposes.

RubyComm-K.Austria fills in the need to publicize events in a manner that is media-ready or consumable by target readers or audiences.

Tourism PR. The company sees new technologies wield power over opinion-building and decision-making. Emerging innovations change ways by which travelers seek information and gain confidence in pursuing destinations.  RubyComm-K.Austria opens doors to 21st century communications for tourism and leisure clients through strategic publicity campaigns combining traditional forms of media with new media.

Copywriting and Creative Development. RubyComm-K.Austria helps you develop newsletters, supplements, brochures, annual reports and other collaterals to enable you deliver your key messages to your stakeholders.

Media Training and Crisis Management.  RubyComm-K.Austria primes companies, organizations and industry associations in facing the mass media and tapping mass media potentials as complementary partners for growth and development. In times of crisis, it hand-holds clients to arrest damaging communications, evaluate tracks and put media reportage on positive mode.

Advertising Placement.  RubyComm-K.Austria is accredited by the United Print Media Group and obtains for clients numerous benefits in advertising placement by virtue of this recognition by the nation’s largest organization of print media providers. It develops advertisements and advertorials to suit clients’ particular needs for exposure before target segments of the modern world’s wide, wide market of consumers.

Audio Visual Presentations.  AVPs are now indispensable modes of communicating and emphasizing key messages to audiences, aided by the availability of various kinds of screens for corporate and industry events as well as social functions.
RubyComm-K.Austria readily makes available its services for exciting and innovative presentations to enable audiences absorb as much information presented by clients.

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