Even with Wood, An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Wood products are prone to damages from wood-infesting insects and microorganisms causing rotting, staining and decay.

“A lot of these unnecessary damages and expenses on repairs can be prevented through proper wood protection.” says Josefina Duenas, Material Protection Division Manager of Neumann & Mueller Philippines Inc. (NMPI).

Neumann & Mueller Philippines Inc. under its Material Protection Division has come up with a new product line that will help minimize wood deterioration to preserve its strength and beauty.

Natural defenses are lost as soon as wood is cut, making it an open prey to a host of pests.

One of the most common wood worries are termites, which can either come from the soil called Subterranean termites or may be in-grained in wood such as the drywood termites.

Any standing structure installed with wooden parts such as ceilings, baseboards, stairs, cabinets that did not have prior professional termite protection are prone to being eaten away by voracious termites. These pests eat from the inside and damage becomes visible when it’s usually too late.

Getting pre-construction termite treatment for homes is important. For added measure, NMPI recommends the application of insecticides like Dacrol TMCE25 to all wooden materials prior to installation.  Formulated in the Philippines by Bayer CropScience, , Dacrol TMCE25 provides an extra layer of protection should the termite control system fail or wear-off.

Another possible threat to wood is Powderpost Beetles or “bukbok.”  These insects cause holes, which are exit holes of the larvae faeces which come out as fine dust-like particles.

Like Drywood Termites, “bukbok” is usually in-grained in the wood. These insect pests eat the insides of the wood until it is hollowed.

Tap the wood to check its integrity. It should have a solid thump or sound, not empty.   If it seems to be too late, you may still be able to save your precious furniture by injecting it with the Dacrol TM-CE25 solution to kill the insect larvae feeding on your wood.

Other wood problems that ruin the natural beauty of wood are rotting and stains or “mantsa”.  These are caused by fungi.  NMPI recommends using the fungicide and mouldicide Dacrol F, which keeps the wood strong and safe from such fungal attacks.

Duenas adds, “The Dacrol range is really meant to help any wood-lover to prolong the life, usability and mechanical strength of any wood, or your entire house for that matter.  In so-doing, we will not only reduce the harvesting of our forests but also endear us to the historical or sentimental values of our properties.”

The Dacrol range also includes Dacrol COMBI, the powerful combination of the Dacrol TMCE 25 and F to ensure users get total protection from these most worrying wood problems.

Even with wood, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To learn more   about Dacrol, check it on the web at www.dacrolphilippines.com; e mail dacrol@neumann.com.ph or call (632) 7219800.

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