The Right Wood

Finding the right wood for your desired purpose takes a lot into consideration. Woods have different colors, strength and grain characteristic, weight, durability, cost and availability.

The color of the wood for use as flooring influences the total look or ambiance of the place, from creating a vintage feel to pushing for something modern. Having distressed look on woods may set just the right mood, but it is not just practical for others. Thus, hardness is another factor to consider. Each tree also has a different grain patterns and character markings, making each one unique.

But, whether the choice is for form or function, the right wood must be able to last.  It is just not right to lose a piece of wooden artwork or the perfect armchair or the interior of the house people saved up to insect infestation, rotting, decaying or discoloration.  Neumann and Mueller Philippines Inc. under its Material Protection Division, encourages everyone using wood as a major material or component such as those in the timber, furniture, and construction industries to take-in the task of protecting the wood they use and produce through its new product Dacrol.

Dacrol provides world-proven control from wood infesting insects to fungi and mold-causing organisms.

“It’s three concentrated variants,  formulated in the Philippines by Bayer Cropscience, has very potent formulations that minimizes deterioration of wood, so its strength, usability and beauty are kept and preserved” says Josefina Duenas, Material Protection Division Manager of Neumann and Mueller Philippines Inc.

Depending on your most feared wood woes or preferred treatment procedure, Dacrol can be used and applied in various methods so wood protection and preservation are available for every stage of the wood, from the freshly sawn to those in production lines, and even for the expertly carved furniture.  Worries from termite and other wood-infesting insects are eliminated with the wood insecticide product Dacrol TM-CE25.  It penetrates and stays in the wood for long-term protection from the damages that is caused by wood infesting insects such as drywood and subterranean termites, powder-post beetles and other wood-boring insects.

Ideal for woods used outdoors like pool decking, gardens and trellises, Dacrol F is the only fungicide that contains three active ingredients that offers the widest spectrum of fungicidal control that will save your precious wood from rotting, staining or discolorations and various moulds.

Dacrol Combi-EC, the powerful combination of the two, will give you four powerful active ingredients, which does not only make it very economical, it also saves you a lot of extra time and effort for the two-in-one protection it provides. As a concentrated combination product, Dacrol COMBI-EC is the only one of its kind that gives you the results from an insecticide, fungicide and mouldicide.

So, whether the choice is between hardwood or softwood, ash or mahogany, open grain or close grain, the best choice is the one that is protected.  For information about Dacrol, e-mail or call (632) 7219800.

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